To obtain a US high school diploma in the state of Florida, where American High School is located, students need to obtain 24 credits. However, students in the Dual Diploma program will not need to take all of those 24 credits because a high percentage of them will be validated on completion of the same subject in their home country. Like that they will only need to obtain 6 credits* (this may vary slightly depending on the study plan of each country). Therefore, candidates will only need to take those additional credits together with the ones they obtain in their home country. It is important to note that 3 of these credits are directly related to the improvement of the student’s level of English using a proven methodology for improving comprehension and fluency.

*Where 6 credits are deemed necessary for a student to obtain their US high school diploma.

In the case of a student requiring additional credits to obtain their US high school diploma the distribution and number of credits per year will vary.

Below is a list of universities where American High School students have been admitted

The American High School Dual Diploma Program allows the validation of up to 18 out of the 24 credits needed to obtain a US High School Diploma in the state of Florida (depending on the country where the student is studying). This means, the completed credits obtained in the student’s country will be awarded to the student so that they only need to complete 6 credits** through our American High School Dual Diploma program.

This table shows the subjects included in the program**:

1st year

English as a second language
History: US/ World

2nd year

English & literature 1/2
US Economics/ US Government

3rd year

Elective subject*
English & Literature 3/4

*Students can chose from a large library of elective subjects such as: Introduction to Business, Criminology, Game Development, Introduction to Fashion Design, Web Design, Entrepreneurship: Starting Your Business, Fashion & Interior Design, Forensic Sciences, Gaming with Scratch, Sports & Entertainment Marketing, etc.

 **Example given is study plan 1 where 6 credits are deemed necessary for a student to obtain their US high school diploma.

It may be necessary for students to study extra subjects depending on the school syllabus in the country where the student is studying.

In the case of a student requiring additional credits to obtain their US high school diploma the distribution and number of credits per year will vary.


The awarding of our US high school diploma is subject to the obtainment of the required established number of credits and the student obtaining their high school certificate in the country where they are residing (in the case of our Dual Diploma program).

Academic grades in all the subjects studied are based on the development level of the student regarding educational goals and academic course skills. Therefore, the performance and knowledge shown towards aspects relating to projects, online tests and other online assessments during the course will all be assessed by the American teachers who will determine the grades and/or the student’s promotion.

Progress reports and informative bulletins will be the main means of communication of the progressions and achievements of the student towards promotion.


  • Enrollment in the required subjects for the obtainment of US high school diploma
  • Course duration up to 3 years.
  • Virtual tutorial meetings with teachers from the USA.
  • Access to the the American High School Lounge & Social Clubs.
  • Monitoring by program supervisor in home country.
  • All educational material for the course*.
  • US High School Diploma**

*Some elective subjects may require additional material.

*On successful completion of the program and on obtaining recognised high school certificate in country of residence.



Students will submit exercises, projects, tasks, tests and quizzes to the Learning Management System (LMS). Once the teacher has graded this work, the students will be able to see their results, marks and comments from the teacher through this system.


The student is expected to maintain the appropriate pace of the course during the academic year and must make a genuine effort to achieve the best results, dedicating, for example, an average of 5 hours per week*. In case of any difficulty, the student should inform their teacher who will give the necessary help and orientation.

* in our Dual Diploma program (Study plan 1) 


Attendance, participation and performance of the student will be supervised to guarantee that students fulfil the obligatory attendance rules and that they progress adequately.

Attendance is measured by the time the student is connected to the LMS, their contributions made via online connections, the presentation of tests, projects and tasks and email messages sent and received via the LMS. Every time the student opens a course, participation is registered automatically and time spent in each area is recorded.