The program begins when students are 14 years of age as it is designed to be taken with a certain degree of comfort over two or three years, in such a way that students simultaneously study their subjects at their national educational centre along with 2 to 4 American subjects per year.


The control and monitoring of students both by program supervisors and American High School teachers is extremely meticulous. Parents will be periodically informed of the students’ progress by the local program supervisor who will help them to resolve doubts and different questions related to the program.  At the same time, the local program supervisor and American High School teachers will continuously monitor the achievements and progress and will contact students from time to time to make sure that they successfully follow and complete the program, meeting all deadlines.

Parents will have access to the local program supervisor and students’ assessments. Like this, they will be fully informed.

The assessment of students will be continuous through the observation of their progress in the fulfilment of their tasks and the educational goals of each module. Students must successfully fulfil tasks, projects and online tests and quizzes. The grade of performance and command over all these aspects will be assessed by American High School teachers.

Grades will range from A to F. A being the highest grade and F being the lowest. Students will obtain a C grade as a minimum in every subject. If not the coursework or subject will need to be repeated.

Students are expected to make a genuine effort similar to other quality extracurricular activities such as at a music conservatory or an Official Language School. Their determination and dedication is essential to the success of the program.


The professionality and qualifications of American High School teachers is another of the keys to the success of our programs. The interaction between participants and teachers should be constant and fluid, making students express themselves in English. Teachers’ tasks will include:

  • Holding tutorial meetings
  • Solving possible doubts
  • Being accesible for students
  • Holding virtual interactive clasess
The different American High School courses are taught by qualified, competent, native teachers with high-quality teaching tools and an excellent syllabus updated according to legislative changes.

Students will have live sessions with teachers which are fundamental for detecting the difficulties a

student may be having, to strengthen knowledge, to clarify possible

doubts and to practice their English.


In the virtual learning environment, teacher-student communication regularly demands commitment beyond that of the traditional way of studying as interaction is vital to the success of the program.

Audio/video calls through Microsoft Teams, instant messaging, live chats and emails are considered fundamental and they are expected to be used on a regular basis. There should be regular oral communication with American High School teachers. This prepares the student for the reality of the employment world which adults face daily.

American High School teachers have established contact timetables and will be available for students and parents on the days and at the times entered on their official timetables.

The American High School LMS is accessible 24 hours per day and the school has office hours from Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 17:00 (Eastern Standard Time) 15:00 to 23:00 (Central European Time). 


The importance of new technologies has been, and indeed is, an unquestionable reality. Its influence and vertiginous development is felt in all areas of society. These technological advances oblige educational institutions to follow the rhythm of social demands which characterize these modern times.

Our programs are the definitive tool towards the maximum knowledge of technological skills where ethical, scientific and social abilities are also relevant. Furthermore, they prepare students for the real working world which they will face in the years to come. 


Communication is one of the keys to success of the American High School’S ProgramS and the virtual learning environment. Therefore, communication between teachers and students will be constant and fluid. Every subject is taught by qualified, competent teachers with whom students can communicate via audio/video calls through Microsoft Teams, instant messaging and live chat. All these means of communication are essential and expected to be regularly used.

Learning is developed on a digital platform where students have access to a personal storage «cloud» and to the syllabus, exercises and academic contents. Students submit their exercises, activities, projects and tests through our attractive, modern, user friendly Learning Management System (LMS). Projects and tests are completed through our LMS.